A Saab blog you should be reading….

Here’s a Saab website that flies under the radar, but it’s one that you should be checking out from time to time.

The site is called CRSblog and it’s written by the guy responsible for me heading over to Boston for Swedish Car Day – Pierre Belperron.

Pierre only updates it from time to time, depending on his schedule. But whenever something new appears on there, it’s always worth reading. Pierre has a couple of decades experience working with Saabs and his knowledge and love of the brand shines through in the stuff he writes.

The last two entries on the site made me smile. So much so, in fact, that I just had to write this entry to point them out.

The Forgotten Saab takes a good look at a Saab that often gets overlooked – the first generation Saab 9000. I couldn’t stop smiling as I read because that model is the one that kicked off my personal history with Saab.

The (not so) Good Old Days examines the price people paid for having a car of such distinction as the Saab 900. I see every comment that comes through SU and I know that there are a number people who are a bit like country and western singers – they pine for the good ol’ days. We all do to some extent, but this post breaks down the romance of holding on to the old in a pretty straightforward fashion.

Check them out, and enjoy!

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