A Saab story – to be continued

This one will be self-explanatory. I’m hoping to bring you a conclusion some time in the future.


I saw and sat in in a Saab 9-5 today and I was surprised at how good it was and completely different to what I had read in reviews, I have followed Saab’s recent history as having a Rover 75 I thought how similar Saab was turning out to be like MG Rover and would ultimately die. The dashboard was fine contrary to what I had read and in fact, I found the interior to be fine even though I recognised a Vauxhall steering wheel, which however is very good.

My car is 10 years old and has been brilliant and to be frank if Rover was still going I’d probably buy their latest version of the 75. I am coming up for a change and the thought of buying a BMW 5 Series or Audi A6 does not appeal to me one bit.

I sat in a 2.0T 9-5 and the fit and finish was outstanding, as with its size and standard of its construction. The dealer had two: a silver and white model, totally unappealing compared to the colours available (according to Saab UK website, which is OK but I cannot understand why certain option are not available on some model ranges. Sales staff relatively inept and ignorant of their car features).

I am still not sure that Saab will survive but at least it gave me food for thought on my way to a Jaguar dealership



And a post-script to this……after I asked for the OK to share this story on site:

I have no problems in sharing my story, by the way I was so impressed with the 9-5 I have held back on the Jag and will contact the dealer again for a test drive.

As mentioned, I’ll keep you posted. Richard is one of those people Saab need to reach. I hope his dealer can do so.

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