Arild reviews his own Saab 9-5, on his own blog!

I hope you’re enjoying these ‘regular guy’ reviews of the Saab 9-5 as there are a few more to come…..

You’ll recall that late last week, I posted about a blog started by one of our own SU regulars. His name is Arild and he started his own website to track his ownership experience with the new Saab 9-5.

Arild’s written about a few things in detail already, but earlier today he posted his first broad review of the car.

I’ll give you the conclusion but head on over to Arild’s site as there’s a whole heap of great stuff to read about his car, and some excellent interior photos, too.

So does this new Saab 9-5 feel like a natural and modern evolution of the previous Saabs? Yes, even with a diesel engine! And I also should mention that I feel even safer in the new 9-5 than I did in the Saab 9-3

The highlights

  • The interior! This was a big positive surprise.
  • The diesel engine
  • The stability at high speed
  • The fun on winding roads


I love these reviews because they’re written by people like Arild, people who are putting their own hard-earned money into the cars.

Motoring journos have their place in the information circle. They drive a variety of cars and have a good basis for comparison and a good variety of experience to draw from.

But there’s inherent value in reading something from an owner, especially and owner who thinks the way you do when it comes to Saab.

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