Audi Motor und Sport give the Saab 9-5 four stars!

It’d be easy to get negative about this report from Germany’s Auto Motor and Sport. They’re renowned for being nationalistic when it comes to their car business – and not without reason, too, the Germans make excellent cars. That’s why they’ve earned the nickname “Audi Motor und Sport”.

They’ve recently published a review of the Saab 9-5 online and whilst there are a number of phrases that would normally trigger a rant on my part, then end result has me smiling.

AMSde Saab 9-5 score

Go through their “plus and minus” section and there’s a handy advantage in the plus column, too.

Yes, they make the usual references to Opel in there and they’re jackassed ones at that. Stating that the engine should have an Opel badge on it completely overlooks the fact that Saab added the turbo magic that makes engine such a joy to drive.

Focusing on stuff like that – stuff you expect from – would be a waste. The good news from this report is in the conclusion.

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