European Saab meeting in Huy, Belgium – 10 days to go!

There are only 10 days until what I’m sure is going to be a brilliant meeting of the Saabnuts in Huy, Belgium.

Event: 2nd European Saab Meeting
Date: Sunday 31st October
Location: Huy, Belgium

For those of you heading there from west of Huy, there will be a convoy coming from England that you can join up with as they head to the event. There will be a dozen or so cars coming from England and they’ll be joined by another 15 or so at Lille. Add in what could be another 20-30 from Paris and that’s quite a convoy.

Click here to access information about the convoy from UK Saabs. They’re even got a special plate made up to mark the occasion.

Here’s all the background information on the event. I hope you all have a great time and I look forward to seeing the reports!


Following on from the very successful first meeting back in 2007, Etienne from the Saabhuy weblog has sweet-talked his local city officials into letting Saabs invade Huy’s pedestrian zones once again for a 2nd European Saab Meeting.

You can view a huge catalog of photos from the 2007 gathering here.

From Etienne:

Thanks to the success of the 2007 event, the city council of my home town, Huy, has allowed me to organize again a great Saab Event in the historical centre of the city (which is usually a pedestrian zone).

Hundreds of Saabs are expected and there will be a Saab spare parts flea market area as well.

This year’s event will be the biggest, funniest and even craziest one ever held here as the whole historical part of the town will be reserved for Saab enthusiasts.

The meeting will start at 9 AM and both the meeting and the flea market are totally free of charge. It is based on first come first served and the first 250 cars will be better parked and receive a little welcome present – so you’re welcome to come earlier.

This meeting will be held on Sunday 31st October 2010. There is no special activity planned on Saturday, however an evening meal will be organized for Saturday night (this will be obviously charged and must be booked).

The city of Huy (and specific location of the event area) is here.

Any interested potential attendees are encouraged to check out the event webpage and contact the organisers through that site, or email Etienne on [email protected]

The 2007 event really did look fantastic so if you’re within driving distance, I’d encourage you to check it out. Any time you can get together and talk Saabs with Etienne, Golfhunter or Robin M (who I’m pretty sure will be heading over) is a good time indeed.


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