Friday morning BIG snippets – 9-4x engine edition

Just received confirmation this morning that – for the US market at least – the Saab 9-4x will come with two six-cylinder engine options, not a four-cylinder as has been previously mentioned on some websites around the traps.

The two six cylinder engines will by the 3.0L normally aspirated direct injection engine and the 2.8T as per the Saab 9-5. Essentially, the same engine offerings as in the Cadillac SRX.

There will be five trim levels offered, similar to the 9-3 setup in the US. Base FWD, Base XWD, Premium FWD, Premium XWD and Aero.


From Ola at Bloomberg today:

Saab Automobile, the Swedish carmaker owned by Spyker Cars NV, aims to start selling cars in China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico in the first half of next year, its sales chief said in an interview…..

….In China, Saab is talking to “numerous potential partners,” including Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., which last December bought technologies from Saab for about $200 million. “BAIC is part of the process but they’re not the guaranteed distribution partner, far from it,” Hallmark said.

For now Saab is only seeking a distribution deal in China, and next year it may study whether local production would be feasible, he said.

“If we only import cars to China I think we can sell 2,000 to 5,000 cars a year,” he said. “If we build cars in China it could be 50,000-plus cars per year.” Saab sold 860 cars in China in 2008, the last year it had a presence there…..

…..Hallmark declined to identify any other potential new distribution partners. For Russia, Saab is holding discussions with four candidates, while for Brazil and Mexico it’s talking to a total of 15 companies, said Hallmark

There are more details at the link above, but I know some people are very keen to know about these markets, particularly Russia.


Hilton Holloway’s brain is like the venus flytrap of car facts. He doesn’t miss a thing, which is why he’s the first one to point out how Saab has come full circle with it’s latest engine deal with BMW.

A very good read. He seems to have a Sixth Sense for these kinds of facts.

Thanks Sven!



Motor Trend have had their first test of the new Saab 9-5:

Weirdness aside, the 9-5 enthralled a majority of our staff with a stylish, functional, and roomy interior, not to mention a contemporary façade that would not be out of place on the cover of a book highlighting great moments in Scandinavian design. Car of the Year guest judge Chris Theodore observes, “The exterior is modern with smooth flowing surfaces, yet still looks uniquely Saab.” Technical director Frank Markus on the interior: “Feels like a Saab right to its core — dash shape, far overhanging windshield header, night panel — and I like the user interface. Most stuff can be done on the touch screen but just enough buttons are offered below to get you to the frequently used functions.”

Once we figured out how to get its turbo V-6 breathing, we took the 9-5 to the test track. We were not disappointed. Weighing a somewhat porky 4238 pounds, the 9-5 Aero nonetheless turned in a slew of respectable numbers.

They also complain about the positioning of the Night Panel switch because it’s in a similar position to where others put their ignition.

Oh, Saab, why are you so, so quirky?

We’re not. We can’t help it if others do it wrong 🙂


I got an email today from Kelley Kelly, owner of Kelly Cadillac Saab in Lancaster PA. They had a surprise visitor at their dealership today – Victor Muller!

He made a surprise visit this morning to “rally the troops”. He was very please to discuss the joint venture that Saab entered into with BMW and about all of the exciting new products on the horizon!

That’s the sort of thing I like to hear 🙂

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