Friday Night Snippets – the kitchen sink edition

I’m still catching up with a lot of stories after my expedition this week….


Saab are reported to have received interest from other companies in using their Phoenix platform, under development for the new Saab 9-3 replacement.

Victor Muller was speaking in the US earlier this week….

We’re in constant dialogue with a number of players to share the (9-3) technology. There are parties that are interested in talking about possible licensing of the technology

There’s also talk there about BMW and the proposed Saab 92 model, but Victor was being coy once again on that one.

“Clearly we have a preference, but whether it’s BMW, I can’t tell you,” Muller said. “BMW would make a wonderful partner.”


I love Sweden and all the people I’ve met there.

Even thieves are nice in Sweden.


Joran Hagglund, the Swedish government’s point man on the Saab deal earlier this year, has decided to leave the public service.

There’s no word yet on what he’ll do next but he says he’s got offers on the table. I’m sure he won’t be bored.

Mr Hagglund – you frustrated the daylights out of me sometimes, but you came through once you were pushed hard enough. Enjoy your semi-retirement.


Today’s “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” vehicle on Jalopnik comes from the classified pages of Saabnet.

Saab 900 Carlsson mockup

It’s a Carlsson mockup and it’s very, very white.

I can almost handle that and think to myself that it might be “Nice Price”. Then I see the back. Definitely re-worked under the influence of the crack pipe. Sorry, Saab owning friend, but that’s just not on.

Thanks John C!


Hirsch upgrade information for selected Saab 9-5 models has been shown on the Hirsch website. There are no prices yet, and not much information on whether this is just software or if there are hardware upgrades still to come, but it’s as follows:

  • TiD – original 160hp/350Nm. Tuned 180hp/400Nm
  • 2.0T – original 220hp/350Nm. Tuned: 260hp/400Nm
  • 2.8T – original 300hp/400Nm. Tuned 330hp/430Nm

All are listed as “Coming soon”.

I would wet my pants if I got the opportunity to drive that 2.0T configured like that. With increased oomph but the same light weight and agility, It’d be more fun than a sack full of grandpappies.


I have a couple of great purchase stories to share in the coming days. I’ll share a few pics now, and stories later.

First, Greg Abbott’s picked up a new 2010 Saab 9-5 Aero and is one extremely happy camper:

Greg Saab 9-5

And Marko’s picked up a Saab 9-3 TTiD SportCombi with a story so cool I actually forwarded it on to Victor Muller today. I’ll share it here soon.

Marko Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD

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