Gasparatos Saab 900 of

Deutsche Welle is the place to go if you want German news in English but they don’t just do news. Apparently they have a good motoring program as well, called Drive It!

This week they have a section on the program where they take a good look at a racing Saab 900. The car is owned by a guy named Nick Gasparatos.

Gasparatos 900

Gasparatos Automobile is also a Saab tuning house in Germany and this 900 is a fine example of the company’s work. It’s heavily modified but from the video, it looks like it’s a dream to drive with it’s 300hp output, fully adjustable chassis and gear settings.

The video is in English, of course, and you MUST watch it, if only to hear the sound made by the engine in this car. It’s a four cylinder symphony.

Thanks CraigSu for the tip!

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