test the Saab 9-5 – find hope

You’ve got to love the Irish. They have a way with words.

Any road test with the words “by golly” is one that I want to read. Unlike so many other articles you might come across, you know that someone using that phrase is not trying to be a road testing rock star.

Our author draws parallels between the resurrection of Saab and the resurrection needed in the Irish economy:

This car had a strange effect on me. Let me tell you why. Last year, the chances of me reviewing it were remote. Saab was in its death throes. The obituaries were written. It was effectively on the scrapheap.

Yet by dint of perseverance and God knows what else, somehow it was salvaged. It now has a future. It now has plans…..

…..I am so numb with the gloom of economy and society at this stage I am beginning to wonder if we are anaesthetising ourselves with the bleakness. Sure, an economy is not like a carmaker but there are parallels. And we have to believe we can do a Saab.

He eventually gets to driving the 2.0 TiD as well. It’s not 100% wine and roses, but it is a very good and honest assessment of the car, without the flowery catchphrases you get used to in the motoring press sometimes.He even goes so far as to recognise when his criticisms might constitute nitpicking. Amazing!

There’s praise for the engine, the cabin, the seats and the solid build quality and cruising comfort. On the flip, there’s some downside on the gearbox and dashboard. As mentioned, it’s a very honest assessment.

I’ll let you get to that yourselves. Click here to read the full review over at The Independent.

For a final word, though:

I wish we had the equivalent for dealing with the whiplash of budget cuts. We don’t. But we might take some heart from the Saab experience. We can bounce back. No doubt at all about that. And what a great symbol it would be if we could get the ministers out of their big state cars and into a few Saabs. It might stand as a daily reminder of what can be achieved.

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