Kudos to Bay Saab

I enjoyed reading this story today.

Maybe it’s not that extraordinary, but it was really heartening for me to read that the owner of Bay Saab, which is part of a multibrand dealership in Norfolk, Virginia, has shuffled his lineup and in the process, has dropped Chevrolet but kept Saab.

It’s official: Bay Automotive, which sold GM cars for 72 years, gave up its Chevrolet dealership.

Bay’s Kia and Saab showrooms, however, remain open. So does the Chevy service business at the Norfolk dealership on North Military Highway, said its president, Walter Wilkins…..

….despite rumors of Saab’s demise as one of GM’s terminated brands, a Dutch investor has purchased Saab and has big plans for it.

“That’s part of the job we have going forward,” Wilkins said, “is to let people know it’s alive and well.”

As the article explains, the decision is more about the saturation of Chevrolet dealers in his area and the upswing with Kia, but the fact that he’s chosen to maintain and develop his Saab shop is a really encouraging sign for everyone.

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