Marko gets back to Saab

I showed you a first image of Marko’s new (to him) Saab 9-3 SportCombi yesterday and I promised that the story would follow soon.

Here it is.

I’m so happy about this, not only because it’s great feedback for me as publisher of Saabs United, but because this is what it’s all about. These are great motor cars and it’s just so much fun to see people getting into them, especially when it’s reuniting people after a time away.


Hello Steven,

I thought I´d drop you a line about getting back to Saab again.

The idea of getting back to Saab had been growing on me for some time already. But, I have to mention that it was your blog entry I want the Saab that finally pulled the trigger for me.

As you remember, we had Subaru Outback. We drove it for 2 years and over 50000km. Nothing really wrong with that car. It’s a capable and good all-round car. But all this time I´ve been considering to buy 9-3X XWD or 9-3 XWD. But as there is no diesel version, I simply could not do it.

There were no cars available for test drive etc. so I could not judge the extra I’d have to pay for a gasoline XWD car. Especially, because I want to drive automatic and XWD + automatic -> quite thirsty considering the size, if you ask me.

We also considered a 9-3X TTiD (FWD), but there were no pre-owned cars available for the price I was ready to pay (Saab dealers do not like to have Subaru as a trade!) and I do not value the extra 20mm clearance that much.

Okay, so in the end we started thinking, what the heck, we’ve happily driven low riding FWD Aero’s (900, 9000) before, so why couldn’t we do it for some time more?

Then I read your “I want the Saab” entry. It was like click in my head. I want to drive Saab. That’s it. I started hunting for low mileage 9-3 SC TTiD Automatic (be it 9-3 X or not).

Finally, I found this pre-owned Titan Grey 9-3 SportCombi Aero TTiD with automatic transmission and 5,500km on the clock. The car had been standing at the dealers for a long time and the value had dropped. I made a trade offer, the dealer responded and now we are here.

I’m the new owner of 9-3 Aero SC. And a happy one.

I know this all sounds very stupid. How do I think I can manage if I had problems with our previous 9-3 and low ground clearance. Well, I don´t know.

But I know I want the Saab. And now I have it. And in the end, it feels very comfortable. Like coming home after a long time.

So, right now I have my target set on a next generation 9-3 (diesel + awd). Of course we´ll look for 9-5 wagon XWD, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford to buy it.

Also there’s a possibility that I’ll get a second car, like a cheap old Forester or the like.

But at the moment I’m just happy. So thank you Steven for clearing my thoughts!

Needless to say, Marko – you’re more than welcome. – SW

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