Nate gets his Saab Turbo-X dream

The headline says it all.

I think it might be high time for some Turbo X appreciation, too. It’s a model that copped a small amount of criticism from some quarters at first, but it’s position in Saab’s history as the first XWD vehicle and quite a special car is pretty well assured now. Hindsight’s a beautiful thing. Best we keep that in mind.

This is Nate’s story, complete with obligatory Saab hug. There’s some good stuff about dealer relationships in here, too. Kudos to Iowa City for doing what they do.


I took possession of my Turbo X SportCombi on Tuesday, October 19th, and I could not be happier. I have longed for this car ever since we saw the spy pics of the prototypes that were bashed as looking like Pontiac Sunfires! I am blessed to own my dream car.

My original plan was to purchase one with a manual gearbox. I ended up purchasing the automatic gearbox. My wife and I plan to own this car for some time, so I thought the automatic would be the safer bet. A lifetime of high impact athletics has left me with bad knees and I would hate to have to trade my Turbo X because of my gimpiness! Trust me; it was a battle royal between Macho Nate and Responsible Nate. I even had a manual lined up for purchase at an out-of-state-dealer.

I purchased the Turbo X from my local dealer at Iowa City SAAB. It was purchased sight unseen. I have a lot of trust with my local dealer. If they say the car is clean, then that is good enough for me. They backed that up with a CPO warranty, too. I think that there is a great lesson for any SAAB dealer. Develop trust with your customers and they will buy cars from you. My wife and I have now purchased three cars from this great dealership and I am sure that there will be more in the future.

A side note: This car was traded in for a NG 9-5. I am happy to take one for the team!

The car is GREAT! I have never driven an AWD car before. I have never known what the expression “drives like it is on rails” was meant to describe. I do now! This car is just stuck to the ground. My friends that have driven it have all commented on the firmness of the car and how much control the driver has over it. And this is with the automatic gearbox. They would be even more impressed if they only knew of all the compromises that SAAB to deal with and engineer around.

The exhaust note is great. I actually think that the car is very quiet and the exhaust is subdued in the cabin. I know that this is something that others have complained about. I am very familiar with the interior since it is a lot like my wife’s car. If I have one criticism it is the door handles. I have read other commenters complain about the Cadillac door handles in the past. I often wondered what the big deal was. Now I know. They are clucky when compared to traditional SAAB door handles.

Our financial plan dictates that my wife and I hold onto our cars for some time. Given that, it is quite fitting that we both have black sportcombis. We call them “his” and “hers”! She has a black 2007 9-3 SportCombi 2.0 Anniversary Edition. They make quite a pair in the driveway. Although I will own this for some time I plan to spruce it up once a year with some type of Hirsch goodie. Initially it will likely be the interior. But once Hirsch gets the 300 HP engine tune here in the US I will be all over it. Genuine SAAB also has a 2-point sub frame brace that I am aiming for and of course, a SAAB roof rack for my kayak ☺

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