New custom car covers at State of Nine – lifetime guarantee

Note: State of Nine is a sponsor of Saabs United.

With Halloween coming along, Dan’s opted for a suitably themed ad for his brand new range of custom car covers.

They’re called Microbead and there’s a couple of very good features with these babies:

  • They’re custom made for your particular model Saab, complete with mirror pockets on the side.
  • They’re made from a microbead fabric that repels water but still allows your car to breathe
  • They come with a lifetime guarantee – never buy another cover for that model car again

The cover itself is made from a silver colored, woven polyester fabric that keeps the weather off your car but still allows airflow, helping to keep the car dry and rust free if stored in adverse conditions.

The kit costs $259 and comes with all of the following:

  • A custom-made Saab cover,
  • Storage bag
  • a locking cable with lock and two keys, and…..
  • the all-important Lifetime Replacement Warranty!

Custom Microbead Saab Car Covers at State of Nine.

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