New Saab 9-3 diesel road testing underway

The following photograph was taken by one of SU’s Swedish mates, Tim R, just outside the Airport Hotel at Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg.

As you can see, there’s a fleet of Saab 9-3’s in place there. These are cars featuring the new, low-emissions diesels that Saab announced at the Paris Auto Show last month.

Journos Testing 9-3 diesel

My guess is that we can expect to start seeing reviews in automotive magazines fairly soon. That 180hp TTiD engine is a cracker and with the new, lower CO2 figures, is now a more attractive cracker than ever. The’re going to sell a few of those, I can tell you.

And if the press guys look a little chilly…… a friend in Trollhattan reported it was -4C there yesterday! Can’t have been much warmer at Landvetter.

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