New Salem Saab opening the vault for Saab Fall Festival

New Salem Saab are hosting the Saab Fall Festival at their dealership at 2017 Central Avenue Albany, NY, this weekend.

For all you Facebook types out there, there’s a page for this event on Facebook where you can keep up with the latest happenings in relation to the event.

I just wanted to quickly share some of the stuff Darryl has managed to bring out for this event. It’s going to be a great time for Saab fans to take in some of Saab’s history as well as seeing all the latest gear that Saab has to offer.

How about an original 1967 Saab 96 with only 657 miles on the odometer? You can still see the plastic covers on the seats!

Saab 96 from 1967

Then there’s this Saab 900 limo….

Saab 900 limo

There will be a bunch of interesting cars there at the show, including one of the original 900 16V prototypes with the pearl white finish – a super rare car that visitors will be fortunate to see.

Peter Maitland from Charles River Saab will also be there with his magnificent Ol Blue Saab 95 and Saabo camper (recently bought back from the GM Heritage Collection).

And those are just a sample. There’ll be plenty more to see, as well.

As well as the cars, there will be decades of Saab memorabilia for people to look over. Given that New Salem Saab is one of the oldest family owned dealerships in the US, the Carl family have access to a lot of historical and interesting items and many of them are going to be on display at the Saab Fall Festival this weekend.

If you’re within driving distance, I hope you get along to the event. I really wish I could be there myself, but there’s always next year for me!

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