“Not so fast” on future Saab 9-4x diesel and BioPower

Yesterday, I wrote about the Norwegian version of the Saab 9-4x press release, quoting as follows:

From August 2011, the 9-4X [will] also [be] offered to customers in Europe and the world at large. The engine range will eventually also include diesel engines, better adapted to a Norwegian tax regime than the powerful V6 petrol engines. In the Nordic countries will also BioPower engines currently being developed.

This gave us some hope that Saab might eventually fit a diesel into the Saab 9-4x, which is considered essential for the European market.

They may still do so, too, but that hope faded a little today.

Auto Motor and Sport have a reporter in the US, who’s over there to drive the General’s 9-4x sister vehicle, the Cadillac SRX. Seeing he was over there, he enquired about the diesel proposition and was told by one of the Cadillac people that there were no preparations being made for the fitment of diesel at the factory where both vehicles will be made.

Further to that, however, is the amendment of the Norwegian press release that was the trigger for this whole issue.

The paragraph that I quoted above has now been edited out of the release. It seems they must have been working from an early draft that slipped through the net (It happens more often that you would think).

So, all of you looking for 9-4x diesels (with more MPGiesels – thanks James May) – stand down.

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