Owners of the new Saab 9-5: Joined True Delta?

I’ve written about True Delta in the past, more on Trollhattan Saab than on Saabs United. With a brand new model in Saab’s showrooms and new owners coming on board every day now, I thought it might be a good time to talk about True Delta again.

What is True Delta?

True Delta capture information about the ownership experience – mileage, reliability, repair costs and fuel economy. They collate this data and provide the results for members, consumers and other other industry organisations. Think of it as being like JD Power or Consumer Reports, but with better surveys and statistics.

From the True Delta website:

Participating is quick, easy, and free

  • Email: To avoid the hassle of signing in, the Car Reliability Survey can be instantly accessed via links in a monthly email
  • Odometer readings: Four times a year report an approximate reading–even if there were no repairs–so we know you’re still in
  • Repair report: If your car goes into the shop for a repair, report it using a brief survey form
  • Optional: other surveys, including one for real-world gas mileage
  • Time required: a minute or so per quarter plus a couple minutes per repair

What will I gain?

  • Free access to all of the community’s car reliability and fuel economy information (guests receive only partial access)
  • Those who don’t participate will pay for this access; you won’t
  • Personalized new car price comparisons
  • An organized, online record of your car’s maintenance and repairs
  • Help other car owners, help yourself. This isn’t your typical survey: it’s conducted to help participants. More participants = more information for all of us, whenever we need it.

True Delta need a minimum quota of cars providing statistics in order to provide subscribers and others with a reliable sample. The more owners they get, the better the data they can provide.

As you can see, there is no cost to owners providing infomation and it’s got to be worth a few minutes a month, even if just to have the online archive of your service history (a handy summary when it comes to selling the car years later).

Saab 9-5 owners (and others)……….. Please consider.

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