Pearl Saab 900 Aero protoypes restored

These images have just popped up on the Dutch Saab Forum and whilst they’re not the same car, it seems they’re related to some images and stories that were told back on Trollhattan Saab, starting in 2007.

At that time, we met a guy named Peter who’d just bought one of the original 1984 Saab 900 Aero prototypes, with the first 16 valve engine and painted in a beautiful pearl finish. There was a lot of work to be done on that car and I hadn’t heard an update since July 2008, when progress was looking very good.

The Dutch Saab Forum photos feature another one of the Pearl 900s that’s been restored recently – and what a magnificent job!

Pearl Saab 900 restored

Pearl Saab 900 restored

This restoration has taken around two years and represents some fantastic work, important to the preservation of Saab’s history.

You can see more photos of the car over on Garaget.

But that’s not all……

It seems the owner of this car also knows Peter, who’s Pearl 900 we originally featured on Trollhattan Saab. He’s identified some other Garaget photos as being of Peter’s car, which means we have a partial update available, even if not from Peter himself.

When we first saw Peter’s car, it looks like this:

Saab 900 Pearl

A year later, things had moved along quite nicely…..

Saab 900 Pearl Peter

I don’t see an “on the road” photo amongst the Garaget ones just yet, but it looks like it’s getting very close…..

Saab 900 Pearl Peter

It’s really important that landmark models like these are preserved and these guys have not only built great cars for themselves to enjoy, they’ve done a wonderful service to the Saab community at large.

Kudos on a couple of jobs well done!

Thanks to Rutger and Jacco for the tips!

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