People buying Saabs

I’ve had a few good stories come in over the weekend about people getting into new(er) Saabs over the last few weeks.

Here they are. Please click the images to enlarge.


From Alexander, in Nässjö, Sweden:

Saab 9-3 Vector BioPowerAfter leaving Saab last winter, I today rejoined the fantastic community of Saab. It really feels like coming home! Behind the wheel of a Saab I do belong!!

I grew up in a Saab-family with my dad working as a sales director at the local dealership. Saab runs in my blood! But last winter my grilfriend convinced me to try something different (french……), but I never really found myself enjoying my trips to work as I used to in my Saabs.

So today I picked up my new (to me, that is) Saab 9-3 Vector SportCombi 1.8t BioPower! The car has undergone some modifications such as Aero-bodykit, twinpipe stainless sport-exhaust and Hirsch-tuning to 225hp.

Very nice – and I’m home again!


From Michael O, also in Sweden

I just called…. to say…. I love Saab


Just want to tell the world how happy and pleased I´m with my new 9-3 Aero biopower. I looooove it, what a perfect car!! And beautiful.

Saab forever!


There are no photos for this one just yet, but they’ve been promised.

This story is from ‘Nate 9-3’ and comes from comments here at SU. It deserves a spot on the front page and this is the perfect time for it.

Nate’s advice here is quite correct – get people into your Saabs.

I just took possession of a 2008 Turbo X SportCombi on Tuesday. I have been taking my friends for rides and test drives in it. Just tonight I took two friends for a test drive. The both want the SAAB! Get your people behind the wheel of your car. That is the best way to get them into the brand. Neither of these two friends of mine had even considerd SAAB before tonight.


Congratulations to all – and to anyone else’s who has just recently picked up a new, or not-quite-new Saab. It’s great to see people getting into something they love!

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