Report: Saab to skip the Detroit Auto Show

Automotive News reports that Saab will skip the Detroit Auto Show in January, 2011.

Auto show space is negotiated years in advance, so it likely will take some time until Saab makes that visual break with GM.

However, the GM link will not be an issue at the Detroit show in January. Saab will be a no-show, saving its dollars in this country for the Chicago, New York and Los Angeles shows — events in huge retail markets.

After all, most of Saab’s buyers in the Detroit area were GM employees, who received big discounts on their car purchase.

A good move, I say.

The Detroit Show is a big one in terms of media coverage, but car companies can generate media coverage anyway if there’s a new product to release. Revealing those new products at big(gish) auto shows where you actually have retail customers that can come look at them – as well as the media – is good strategy.

Thanks to John for the tip!

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