Saab 9-5 accessories at Saab USA Parts

I get product updates from time to time from the sponsors here at SU and I was chuffed to see one recently from SaabUSA Parts, who are now stocking new accessories for the new Saab 9-5.

As is their way, they’re stocking them at pretty good prices compared to list price as well.


  • New Turbine 19-inch wheel, which is listed at $485, is being sold for $388 per corner. The same wheel in black is $100 off list price.
  • Noise cancelling wireless headphones for the entertainment system are $12 off list price, at $46.62.
  • Roof racks are $42 off list price, at $185

Saab KeychainTheir feature product this month (the Saabtoberfest sale) is a new keychain from Saab. It’s got a new padlock style locking mechanism, some classy white stitching and a more durable clear coat for a longer life.

Like everything else, it’s at a good price, too, at just $13.95.

They’re all genuine Saab accessories, too. You can check out the full line at SaabUSA Parts and I’ve put up a little gallery below showing some of the stuff that’s available.

My thanks to SaabUSA Parts (and all the SU sponsors) for their continued support.

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