Saab 9-5 vs Mercedes Benz CLS

We have a regular reader here with a challenge. He wishes to remain anonymous, but lets just say he lives in Europe and his boss is updating his car.

The car he’s handing back is a BMW and whilst our brave reader is lobbying for a new Saab 9-5, the boss is quite keen on a Mercedes Benz CLS.

Mercedes CLS

The boss says the Merc is a special car and after testing a TiD Saab 9-5 for a weekend, he opined that it reminded him of a Honda Accord – ouch!

When I was first faced with offering some advice on this dilemma, my advice was that the boss was obviously in love with something already and there was little point in pursuing things – pick your battles and all that. I work in audit, not sales.

The boss preferred the BMW’s steering feel and didn’t like the way the 9-5 interior looked. This put him off to the extent that he didn’t event try out all the groovy electronic gadgetry. He kept asking what the benefit of the Saab was, why he should consider it over what he considered the more established and perhaps decorative CLS.

At least he kept asking. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

So…… what would you say? It’s CLS vs 9-5 and our mate wants to give his boss reasons to pull the trigger on the Swede over the German.

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