Saab Car Club of Australia – Victorian Concours D’Elegance

Congratulations to the participants and prizewinners at the Concours held by the Vic branch of the SCCA today.

It looks like the cars were prepared beautifully and the weather certainly played it’s part in showing them off properly.

SCCA-Vic Concours

That photo is from a guy some of you will know as SAB. Others will know him as Steve B and you can view his full album on Flickr. Steve was one of the winners on the day, taking the honors for best C900/99 with his Silver Sled.

Incidentally, that car has quite possibly the freshest engine of any Saab 900 on the planet. Steve had a brand new crate engine with zero mileage installed in the sled this week!

Other winners included

  • Roman with his 9-5 in the 9000/9-5 class.
  • Clive with his Turbo X in the NG900/9-3 class
  • Ron R with his 9-3 convertible won the People’s Choice award, and
  • Clive (again) won best car over all with his Turbo X

TurboX front

That photo is from Dave W, via Flickr.

Both albums are well worth a look and if there are more Melbournians with some photos to share from the day, please let me know via email or drop a link into comments.

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