Saab Engineering Services to take stand at Elmia Subcontractor show

The Elmia Subcontrsactor Fair is one of the bigger trade shows for suppliers and when Saab turn up at the Elmia Subcontractor show, it’s usually as a buyer.

This year, they’re taking a stand of their own as a provider of engineering services.

This is all part of Victor’s plan to lower the bottom line – share your technology, your expertise, and expertise is something that Saab’s got plenty of.

The following Googletrans was sent through by Arild (original):


Elmia Subcontractor presents: The Subcontractor Saab
Saab Automobile is coming to Elmia Subcontractor, 9-12 November, as an exhibitor.

– A very exciting development! I believe that the fact that Saab is committed to broadening their business and finding new ways can inspire many others to new thinking, says Jonas Ekeroth, project leader at Elmia Subcontractor.

Saab took the decision to start selling its services to other companies in the spring and expects to thereby employ 100-150 people during next year. The plans were to first introduce the concept at a fair in the U.S., but the company has now chosen Elmia Subcontractor instead.

– We see this as an acknowledgment of the importance this meeting place has for the industry. We have in the past year tried to emphasize the possibilities for Swedish subcontractors if they dare to venture out into new markets and find new customers. In that respect, I think that Saab could be an important example for many, says Jonas Ekeroth.

When Saab was separated from GM in spring, the company was in some areas considerably oversized. But instead of cutting down on the workforce, Saab decided to set up the unit Saab Engineering Services, which offers its expertise to other companies. Above all they offer their engineering expertise in design, testing and prototyping and also press forging.

An additional gain that Saab sees in this decision, besides the economic, is that by working with other industries Saab can acquire new knowledge that can be used in car production.

– I notice that our engineers enjoy this, to test their knowledge with other industries and gain experience. By extension, this is positive for the cars we develop and build here in Trollhättan, says Per Lindberg, president of Saab Engineering Services.

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