Saab looking at diesel and BioPower for the 9-4x

The Saab 9-4x press releases came out yesterday and as predicted, the two engines at release were a normally aspirated 3.0V6 making 265hp and the turbocharged 2.8V6 making 300hp.

There was no mention of a diesel or BioPower engine in the global release published yesterday, but it has been noted in comments that the Norwegian press release mentions both for the Saab 9-4x in the future.

This is a Googletrans from the Norwegian press release:

From August 2011, the 9-4X [will] also [be] offered to customers in Europe and the world at large. The engine range will eventually also include diesel engines, better adapted to a Norwegian tax regime than the powerful V6 petrol engines. In the Nordic countries will also BioPower engines currently being developed.

The mention of BioPower is interesting because it brings to life the possibility of adapting Saab’s 2.0T BioPower engine currently in the Saab 9-5. Whilst having less power than the 3.0V6 base engine, it would have more Saab-like driving characteristics and less weight.

‘Arild’ first noticed this in Norwegian press articles about the 9-4x where diesels were specifically mentioned, and writers of those articles attributed it to the Saab press release. A look at the Norwegian version of the release confirmed what they were saying (thanks Arild and Me).

They won’t be available at launch, obviously, but it’s encouraging to hear they’re in the pipeline.

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