SaabHuy meeting this Sunday – program

Any of you who are in proximity to Huy, in Belgium, and haven’t made your mind up to go along to the big gathering there this weekend, here’s a brief look at the program.


Schedule for the Meeting on sunday 31/10:

9-11 – Arrival of the cars (on the Grand Place and surrounding streets) and set up of the parts fair

(on the Place Verte)

9-14H Meeting and Parts fair

14-14H30 Official end of the meeting with announcement of the most beautiful car of the day.

Starting 14h30 we would like to invite you to join us for a drive through the region.

departure of the cars…


As I said, it’s brief.

Don’t let brevity fool you, though, this is going to be a great gathering with Saabs coming from plenty of surrounding countries to join in.

The Brits are on their way as we speak and they’ll be joined by a bunch of French Saabs in convoy.

So if you’re even remotely close, get along and enjoy the day. Etienne and Golfhunter would love to see you there!

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