experiencing problems

UPDATE: Problems persist.

An update from Scott: suffered a hard disk crash. By time I get a new hard disk, reinstall linux and all the supporting software, it’ll be probably mid week next week when it is online again.


Saabnet is off the air at the moment and I know regulars there might be wondering what’s going on. So I got in touch with Scott Paterson to find out, in order to pass on some reassurance that things would be OK.

Here’s the problem, from Scott via email:

On Saturday October 16th at around 4PM, the server had a fatal hardware failure rending the server completely inoperable. I did have a new server machine on hand and on Sunday I loaded up Linux, Apache (web server), PHP (scripting engine), and mySQL (database engine).

On Monday, I began to reload the content from backups. All went smoothly and by the end of the day, I had 95% of the site working including the bulletin boards. I’m now working on the member login script which is not working correctly.

I’m feeling optimistic I’ll be able to open the site back up to the public either late today or tomorrow, but you know how software is so it could be as long as a few more days too.

Saabnetters, rest assured the problem is being worked on and hopefully Scott will get the oldest Saab enthusiast site on the web back on air soon.

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