Saabs for less than lunch per day

I’ve been scouring some US Saab dealer websites this evening and I’ve noticed a few things. You want the good news or the bad news?

OK, the bad news first – some of these websites are absolutely terrible. Seriously.

Slow loading times. Bad formatting. Cheesy graphics. Difficult navigation. Some pages had absolutely no content on them, despite there being a link to that page promising something. One multibrand dealership, on the “Specials” page linked from their Saab website, had nothing but big SUV’s showing (and they weren’t 9-7x’s).

The web is one of the early points of contact for many potential buyers today. I hate saying this, but some of the websites I saw tonight were letting the Saab brand down, but more than that, some of them are quite possibly hurting the site owners’ businesses.

The good news belongs to the customers of a few dealers who have some special lease deals going on some 2010 stock.

I don’t want to single any dealers out and thereby put others at a disadvantage, but I saw a number of lease deals online that were under $300 per month for 2010 model Saab 9-3s, which is a daily cost that amounts to less than I spend on lunch most days. All of those come with various terms and conditions, of course, so read the fine print.

To put that into some sort of perspective……

Leasing is pretty uncommon here in Australia when it comes to private purchasing. From what I can tell (I’ve never done this myself), operating leases, where you basically rent the car for three years and hand it back at the end of the period, are a business-only proposition. When purchasing for private use and ownership, people tend to buy their cars rather than lease and they’ll either use their own money, or borrowed money.

If I were to buy a Saab 9-3 from a dealer here in Oz, I’d be looking at a minimum of $40,000 plus on-road costs for a base model. If I were to finance that amount over three years, I’d be looking at repayments of at least $1300 per month.

At an average of around $43 a day, that’s a lot of lunch.

If you’ve got cheaper and more accessible options, then consider your own situation before acting but even if you can’t use them right now, consider yourselves fortunate for having them to think about.

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