Springman’s Saab – Langley BC is born

This is great.

For those of you who have been waiting for Saab to re-start in Canada, it’s a great moment in time. The wheels are rolling.

For me, with Vancouver as my home-in-law, it’s just great to see a new dealership start up there.

The following was received today from Jason Powell, Sales Manager at Springman’s Auto Centre in Langley, British Columbia.


…..I have never in my 15 plus years in the car business had the pleasure to be involved with a brand such as Saab that has a fierce customer loyalty and a true love to the brand.

The dealer that I manage out here in Langley, British Columbia was a Saturn, Isuzu dealer for many years and we became a part of the famous GM wind down of brands. After watching all of our Saturn signs come down about 10 months ago, Monday and Tuesday of this week was quite special. We got to watch our new Saab signs go up, really making it feel real.

Since August, we have met so many Saab owners and one constant in all of our interactions has been the excitement that people have about the new ownership in Saab as well as us as a dealer being a Saab only new car dealer, as to not be lost in the corner of a GM showroom.

I included some photo’s for you of the new signs going up. Keep up the great work.


Congratulations to Jason and all the crew out at Springman’s. I’ve always believed Canada should be a bigger Saab market, so here’s to a bright future for Springmans and all the new Saab dealers in Cananada (it’s a pet name we have…)

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