Spyker 10th Anniversary – first reports

There was a little party in the US today for Spyker Cars, who are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year.

The event as held at the home of a US Spyker owner and good friend of Victor Muller’s, Rijk R. Saab owners were invited, too, and we had a few readers from SU head on up to the Catskills and attend the day.

I’ve received a few photos through from Darryl Carl of New Salem Saab, who made a 90 minute trek to be there. I’m expecting a few more from Jeff P, as well as some video, later.

By all reports, the event was an absolute blast. I’ll have more later…..

Click. (and note Meg H getting her Saab 900 signed by VM!)

Thanks to Darryl once again for the pics. I wish I could have been there!

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