Spyker 10th Anniversary – more reports

Following on from Darryl’s photos from today’s 10th Anniversary for Spyker, we have some more photos and a report from Meg H, who attended the day with her husband, Jeff.

Meg’s full catalog of photos is available here.


In the beautiful Catskill Mountains of NY, the sky was a deep azure among the changing leaves of the hills for a background. The entrance of their drive waving Spyker Banners to welcome all. It was a visual feast of what the automotive world has to offer. From vintage cars like Jaguar, and Riley to the ultra modern sleek lines of Spyker and Lotus.

There were roughly 15 Saabs from all over New England and 4 9-5’s. The beautiful carbon grey 9-5 belonged to our host, and the glacier silver was Victor’s. He generously took his out with a young man to test drive that didn’t even look old enough to drive. The others were Darryl’s (New Salem Saab) and JMK’s. There was a black 900 with custom hand molded metal fenders, and a 9-3SS that had a run in with a deer on the way to this event (That was Jeff P, who’ll be supplying some photos and video later. The car’s OK, as is Jeff – SW).

What I can say about Victor is that he is a very down to earth, a man dedicated to both brands. He took the time out to mingle with everyone and talk cars. When Darryl told him about the 1967 96 with 650 original miles that will be at the Festival, he was astonished and suggested that when the rightful owner was ready that the car should go to the Saab Museum.

He was generous in taking the time to autograph whatever was offered such as a Spyker Owner Manual that was bought on Ebay by a well versed Spyker enthusiast and a poster Darryl gave me for The Fall Festival in 2 weeks. My husband asked him to sign his 1993 c900 Vert (that was his doing, not mine) and also suggested to the owner of the yellow C8 Spyder that Victor sign his car. Victor replied that he had never signed any of his cars before and was happy to do so much to the delight of the owner.

It was great meeting new people today, and also catching up with Darryl and Steve C. I also had the chance to meet a young man who works for Spyker and learn more about the logistics of the Spyker-Saab relationship and Spyker.

There was 90-minute ride through the countryside that Rijk planned. Unfortunately we opted out due to the 2hr drive to get home, not including time for traffic. All I can say is how lucky I am to belong to such a big family of people so dedicated to the brands of Saab and Spyker. The impression I got from Victor about SOC, that 2500 people would take the time to meet up in middle America and talk Saab, he still seemed amazed by the numbers.

Many thanks to our hosts Rijk and Margaret for providing their home to celebrate this day along with Saab.

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