Spyker 10th Anniversary – Penultimate instalment

It seems like the folks who journeyed up into the Catskills for the Spyker 10th Anniversary drive really enjoyed themselves. I’m still getting emails with images and video on them, as I have been for most of the afternoon.

These are from Jeff P. He’s included a quick piece of video just to show some of the hardware in motion, but will have more video available after he’s had the chance for a quick edit.


The video (still coming) is the amazing part, truly nuts driving with these people. Victor drove Rijk’s Grey C8 while Rijk drove his Lotus. The roads were incredible, the hospitality was first class, and the Saab people were great to meet and be around.

Rijk being a superstar architect is fun too. Very small world, one of my old professors/critics from school was actually there today. They treat each other like family. What an incredible guy, and his wife was sweet and giving of her time too.

I’ll get some raw footage up on vimeo or youtube to start, but I’d like to edit it all together.


What a surreal experience. My ’01 9-3SE is a very tired puppy tonight, but it made the drive back to Manhattan just fine. I actually hit a deer on the way down and was still able to throw the car around in the afternoon. Just shows the car can pass the moose (deer) test and still keep on rolling.


Part 1 of the Spyker 10th Anniversary report is here.

Part 2 of the Spyker 10th Anniversary report is here.

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