Stolen Saab 9-5 – recovered!

Back at the start of September, a guy took a “test drive” of a Saab 9-5 from a dealership in the Netherlands and conveniently forgot to return it. We had a stolen Saab 9-5 on our collective hands.

Alerts online here and amongst the Dutch Saab community proved fruitless, unfortunately, but there has been a happy ending to the story.

I received this late last night from some of my Mad Dutchie mates:

Just received word…… the nicked 9-5 is alive and well. It was found at a camp site in Italy, where the idiot who “borrowed” it was having a camping holiday with his family.

They were there “to pick olives” it seems. The campsite owner got suspicious due to the somewhat strange stories of the “test driver”. He started looking on the Internet and found the story of the stolen 9-5.

It has since been retrieved by the Italian police.

It seems there’s been some sort of screw-up, though, in that the culprit has been released onto the streets again. No-one’s quite sure why. The most common explanation I received through several emails about this is that it’s a “%$^# up by a very slow Dutch justice system”.

The car is currently being returned to the dealership, which is encouraging. It could have been torched, smashed or the like, I guess.

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