SU Site Statistics – September 2010

I haven’t done a site stats post for a few months, but here’s an update for September 2010. Site stats are compiled to let me know how things are going, let you know how things are developing and to provide a gentle reminder to Saab that there’s some value in this whole website thing.

  • There were 152 articles written on Saabs United during September 2010. That’s just over 5 per day for each day of the month.
  • Saabs United servers fed 540,833 pages to 75,585 individual visitors during the month.
  • Visitors spent an average of three minutes on site, per visit, which is quite a lot of face time.
  • The busiest day of the month was the 29th September, which was when Saab announced their partnership with BMW


Pageviews (click):

Pageviews Sept 2010


Referral sources

  • The #1 referring site to Saabs United in September (aside from search) was Auto Motor and Sport.
  • The #2 referring site to Saabs United was Facebook (which is interesting as I don’t even use FB for promotion of SU)
  • The #3 referring site to Saabs United was Twitter



The top 10 countries with visitors to Saabs United are as follows (click):

Countries Sept 2010

The top 10 cities with visitors to Saabs United are as follows (click):

Cities Sept 2010


Popular posts

The following were the top 5 viewed individual posts during September:

The following posts had more than 50 comments during September:

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