Swedish Beauty Car Day – Mitchell Saab, CT

Mitchell Saab, in Simsbury CT, held a Saab and Volvo display over the weekend and we had a couple of SU regulars who went a long to check things out.

One of those is a Saab beast in the making, a young 13 year old guy named Jake who’s been a regular in comments in the last few months. I have a feeling this passion of his is going to drive his parents nuts 🙂

……this was my first enthusiast event (I’m 13…), and I saw my first 96, 99 turbo, and my first Sonnet here, and I couldn’t get the smile off my face for the entire time. It was that exciting. I want a Saab more than ever now.

I met Meg H, Brett, Steve in CT, and many more wonderful people, including Mark Mitchell the owner of Mitchell Saab, as well as all of the other Mitchell dealerships, his daughter, who like her Dad, is a Saab person. I also met some of the nicest people I had ever met, enthusiasts, whom I unfortunately did not get the names of.

At this rate, I know that I’ll be traveling all over the place for these Saab events, and I’ll have to convince my parents to get a Saab. I had the best time in my life yesterday, and for that, I thank everyone there, as well as Swade and SU for introducing me to the Cult of Saab. I’ll be a lifelong member. It’s been my dream for the longest time to have my own little Saab repair shop, which would grow into a dealership, when I’m older.

Thank you all, and enjoy the photos. I look forward to meeting more of you some other time.

Jake’s full cache of photos is here. He did mention to me that there would have been more, but his camera battery died. I’ve posted a few below.

Jake Saab Turbo Badge

Saab Sonett Rear Corner

Steves 99T

The 99T in that last photo belongs to another SU regular, too – Steve in CT. Nice whip, dude!

As Jake mentioned, Meg H was also there. She enjoyed the day as well. It was a four hour drive for some of these people, but they took in some rural Connecticut roads along the way.

Meg’s photos from the day are at Picasa and again, there’s a few below.

Meg 96 Pilot

Meg 900 Conv

Meg Saabs in CT

Thanks to Meg and to Jake for the reports and photos!

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