Swedish reports about 9-4x without diesel are not news

Vibilgare has a report today about the Saab 9-4x launching without a diesel option.

Can I just say this again: this is not news.

I’ve published about the Saab 9-4x engine lineup a number of times (most recently just a week ago) and whilst the confirmed information I’ve shared here has been specifically for the US market, I can tell you now that to the best of my knowledge, the situation is no different in other markets.

At launch, the Saab 9-4x will come with a base engine that is a 3.0litre normally aspirated six cylinder, and an Aero engine that is the 2.8litre turbo V6 that we’re all familiar with already.

And no, there’s no 2.0T four cylinder engine at launch, either, to the best of my knowledge. Not in the US, at least, and I’ll be very (pleasantly) surprised if it turns up elsewhere at launch.

Obviously, this is going to effect the marketability of the car in Europe but for now, this is what Saab are stuck with.

The good news is that the vehicle is still coming and that’s what should be focused on. North America has always been its main target and it will be good for that market with gasoline-only engines.

My feeling is that if Saab are to source a diesel engine for future use in Europe, it would have to be one that is capable of being sold in the US as well. There’s little point in going to the trouble and cost of re-engineering the car for a different engine and deliberately limiting its marketability at the same time. Euro-only sales of a Saab SUV would most likely not justify the cost.

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