The Spirit of Saab – TTiD

I just wanted to share a story I heard this weekend, from Trollhattan. It was shared with a few journos who were there in the last few days.

I spoke to the engineers of the “119 gram” 9-3 TTiD yesterday (this will be VERY important in a few markets for the next two years).

They went to Rüsselsheim five (5) times in the beginning of 2008 and tried to make GM Europe (Opel) say “yes” to this project and bring the needed money to the table. Opel said it was impossible, so they got no money. One high ranking engineer even said that “you will never, ever get that engine below 140 g/km in a 9-3”.

So they did as they are used to at Saab: they went home and started the project anyway 🙂

From December 2009 they understood that this engine would be the lifesaver for 9-3 and kept working, even though they did not know if the company would survive. They did survive, and here the engine is.

Soon there will be a 119 gram SportCombi as well, only two more grams left to meet the 120g threshold.

That, my friends, is the Spirit of Saab. It’s why they’ll succeed where modern business thought says they must fail.

Nulla tenaci invia est via – it applies to Saab as well.

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