The story behind that Java Metallic Saab 9-5

I featured a Java Metallic Saab on the website 9-5 yesterday. It’s owned by a guy named Johan L and the method of delivery made a few people curious in comments.

There’s actually quite a neat backstory to this car, which Johan was kind enough to share with me. The story was actually published internally at Saab with some of the photos you saw with my article yesterday. Here it is, in full (thanks to Johan and Googletrans).

Let us start from the beginning…..

Johan L is from Kungsbacka, Sweden, and has always been a very devoted Saab owner. He has so far had 18 Saab cars. When the new Saab 9-5 was presented last fall, he knew immediately that he wanted this new model – absolutely. He admits that he almost lost hope during the turbulent period at the end of the year, but only almost … not completely.

Spyker took over as owner and everything was brighter, even from Johan’s perspective. Together with some other customers from Western Sweden, he participated in an early summer VIP event here in Trollhättan.

Over dinner he told his dealer from Kungsbacka Bilcentrum, Gustaf Broberg, that he immediately wanted to order a car and for a bit of fun, he wrote down the order on a paper napkin. Gustaf Broborg saved the napkin, with the proper order bringing the message: The
would be a car with “everything” including sunroof.

While waiting for the car to be delivered, Gustaf Broberg figured that he would love to go the extra mile for this Saab enthusiast. Johan was subsequently invited to a new trip to Trollhättan for a museum and factory visit.

On Friday, 24 September, it was time for the visit, but it also contained a great surprise for Johan: “just before the factory tour began,” says Gustaf Broberg “we revealed to Johan that the car [was built] and it was right here and ready in Trollhättan!”

Johan Java 9-5 uncoveringOutside the factory there was a covered new Saab 9-5, ready and waiting. It was unveiled by Gustaf Broberg and Thomas Bergman, who is the District Manager in Sales at Saab Sweden and a very happy and dazed Johan received the keys to the car.

Johan Java 9-5 receivingThis surprises day ended with the promised factory tour and afterwards, Johan said before he drove home to Kungsbacka: -What a nice plant you have and what great people who design and build Saab cars! You all deserve a big praise for the work made here!

Another nice touch…… they even had the napkin framed for Johan to keep!

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