(unofficial) Saab Brand Videos

A new video called Saab “Elements” was made public on Vimeo in the last few days.

It seems to be a showcase of the producer’s talents more than a real video showcasing Saab at all. There are no cars in it, for starters, though the ants and moose make an appearance and it does follow on from recent official advertising.

Yann Secouet – Saab ‘Elements’ from SeventySix on Vimeo.


A few years ago, there was a fantastic Saab-themed video called Blackbird, which was a similar effort. It was visually fantastic and had a distinct focus on the Saab Aero-X, but it wasn’t an official Saab video. The producer, Joseph Kosinski, made it to showcase his talents in order to shop himself around for work.

I think it worked for him, and I hope it works for this guy as well.


One more, also found on Vimeo…..

This one’s called Saab Brand Display and seems to include a mix of current and older themes.

SAAB Brand Display from Dave Corbett on Vimeo.

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