Updates from the Paris Auto Show

There are snippets of news flying here there and everywhere from the Paris Auto Show.

The Saab stand looks pretty good, too, with a nice enclosed glass booth with a wind generator in it, pushing a whole bunch of leaves around. A nice little BioPower visual. You can just see it behind the girls in green…..

Saab Stand Paris 2010

And here as a filter in front of the Saab 9-5….

Saab 9-5 Leaves Paris


One good bit of news from Paris comes from Saab Cars North America. They haven’t got final numbers yet (obviously), but it looks like September could be the best months for US Saab sales in nearly 18 months.

Sales numbers should come out in the next few days, so it’ll be interesting to see.


The Saab 9-3 ePower concept is a feature on the Saab stand and is also looking good….

Saab 9-3 ePower Paris

The wheels look kinda awkward and kinda cool all at the same time. I could definitely get used to them.

Move along, not much to see here….

Saab 9-3 ePower Paris


SVD.se posted an update from Paris just before I went to bed last night (damn time zones!). Here’s a Googletrans:

Jan Ake Jonsson, and Victor Muller met with Swedish journalists and told them that Saab will expand by some 30 people in the body shop to increase production of the Saab 9-5. One also wonders to increase with a shift to. Then between 200 and 300 recruited. But it is not clear yet.

• Saab’s initial public offering, then?

Victor Muller, open to Saab goes public in Stockholm in early April next year. So clearly the moment he has not been before. But there are many technical obstacles remain.

• What else you met?

I have interviewed Saab’s new design director, Jason Castriota, a 36-year-old New Yorker who already has several full-scale models of a brand new 9-3 model. Full-scale models have been finished this month. By all accounts, it becomes a hatchback-coupe and one should introduce a concept version in the next year, which begins production 2012th

• Is Vladimir Antonov there?

I have not seen him here in the crowd. Victor Muller says he “for discussions” with GM to clear his name and get back in the Saab, but it was rejected by GM Europe president Nick Reilly told TT this morning. Antonov still stands behind the Saab as a financier, but must not come in as a shareholder. Victor Muller raises his voice when asked about the Antonov.


Jan-Ake Jonsson also spoke to Swedish journalists in Paris about plans to increase output at the Trollhattan plant:

Plans for a second shift at Saab Automobile in Trollhättan is moving forward. Already around October-November is introduced double shifts on the body and 30 new jobs, says Managing Director Jan Åke Jonsson for TT at the Paris Motor Show.

The reason is the change in product mix with increased production of model 9-5. At the end of the year, the entire plant a second shift to meet increased demand expected next year. It’s about a total of 200-300 new jobs.

I’ve heard just in the last 24 hours that Saab have now used up all the 9-5 parts that were pre-assembled in Russelsheim. Everything that goes through now will be 100% done in Sweden.

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