Vote for Phil (again) at Jalopnik

UPDATE: Jalopnik have changed the system!!

Instead of just visiting the author’s article, they now have a poll in place (which is much simpler, anyway).

Please vote for Phil Lacefield Jr in the poll and let’s get a Saabnut an opportunity at Jalopnik.


Jalopnik are holding a contest called America’s Next Top Blogger and here’s how it works…..

They’re actually auditioning potential bloggers for the position of weekend editor. This process involves getting heaps and heaps of people to provide them with free content. The candidates then have to promote their article as much as possible because the most popular article, as measured by the number of unique pageviews, progresses through to the next round.

Free content, extra traffic! It’s a win-win! Brilliant move by the Los Jalops.

One of the candidates for this job is an SU reader and a guy I met in Seattle a few years ago. He’s known to many in the northwest by the kilt that covers his ‘bits’ on some occasions. His name is Phil Lacefield Jr.

Many of you ‘voted’ for Phil when I mentioned his entry in the first round and I’m pleased to report that he’s made it into the Top 20.

This week’s assignment was to produce 300 words on a “secret car” – i.e. a car that had never featured on Jalopnik before. That’s quite a task if you consider their considerable archive and penchant for the unusual.

Phil chose to cover Saab’s Friction Testers – great idea!

So how do you vote for Phil? It’s easy. Simply click here and read the article. The click itself is your vote, but you may as well read it while you’re there.

Go Phil!


SU/TS previous writings on Friction testers:

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