WhatCar report: enhancements coming to Saab 9-5

Clever work by Whatcar? – Have one conversation and split it into two reports to keep the readers coming.

Published while I was sleeping and added into comments by lala:

Saab is working on improvements for its new 9-5 saloon after [much of the British press] gave it a poor initial reception.

The instrument panel and other cabin parts of the new 9-5 will be upgraded by the summer to compete more closely with rivals from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Saab’s global product boss Christopher McKinnon also said that the company is acting on What Car?’s criticisms of the 9-5’s ride and handling, and will incorporate changes at the same time.

Top-to-bottom reassessment
The improvement in the quality of parts is included in a top-to-bottom reassessment of the hundreds of component suppliers that Saab inherited from its previous owner, General Motors (GM).

This is good news, particularly the interior enhancements, which are much needed in terms of pitching the car to that more competitive audience.

Good stuff, Saab.

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