Whatcar report – watch your Saab get built and pick it up at the factory

If anyone sees a shipment of cameras heading towards Trollhattan, it might be to set up what’s been reported in Whatcar? today:

Saab buyers will be able to watch their cars being built online – and then collect them from the company’s Trollhattan factory in Sweden.

Saab wants to put more focus on the customer experience now it is no longer owned by General Motors (GM), and plans to start installing cameras on the production line from next year.

The live-build images would be fantastic, if they can do it. I believe Spyker used to do it at their facility in Zeewolde (and may still do so at their new factory in England – I don’t know).

That they’ll use the factory for deliveries makes plenty of sense. They’ve already built the viewing and presentation area at the end of the production line, which was used for the global launch of the new Saab 9-5.

What remains unknown is whether they’d use these factory deliveries to reinstate the European Delivery Program that was cut off a few years ago when things started going pear shaped. It’s a tough logistical exercise and one would have to question how much it adds to the bottom line, but if you’re looking to enhance the customer experience, then it’s one of the best programs there is.

I’ve sent a carrier-pigeon to Sweden to find out more and will report back when it lands.

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