Which Saab? 9-3 Sedan vs Convertible

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This is my first time writing in, though I’ve been a SAAB enthusiast for years. Whether its been researching them, reading and watching reviews, following them on Trollhattan SAAB then over to SAABs United, I’ve been a big fan. But up until now, I’ve never had the opportunity to actually buy and own one.

Ever since I took that first test drive a few years ago of a 9-3 Aero, it’s been a dream of mine to have my own. And my chance is just around the corner. I will be in the position to purchase a car very soon, and yes, it’s likely to be a SAAB 9-3 Aero. And I’m very excited at the thought of it!

Though I’m now hit with a dilemma. Do I get the 9-3 Sedan or the 9-3 Convertible? I have them both as options, I’ve driven both, and I like them both… (BTW, I’m looking at the 2004 through 2007 model years)… The two cars I’m looking at are exactly the same except for the convertible top, and the prices are reasonably close.

I’m trying to compare the benefits of each, but could definitely use the input from others, especially owners. I don’t really have any concerns with the sedan and I know it would be a great car to own. But I live in New Jersey USA and our winters can be a little fierce for convertibles.

Owners of convertibles; Do the convertibles really hold up in the winter like I’ve read?

If I could get some feedback from both 9-3 sedan owners and convertible owners with their own experiences, that would be wonderful?

Thanks so much!



OK, so my 2 cents worth…..

I think convertible owners tend to know that they’re convertible lovers. Personally, whilst I enjoy the opportunities I get to drive one, I don’t think I’ll ever own one again (I had a Mazda MX-5 for around 6 months and it really didn’t do that much for me).

So my first bit of advice is this: somewhere deep down in the cockles of your heart, maybe in the sub-cockle region, maybe even in the colon 🙂 , you’ll know that a convertible is the style of car you want to drive. You’ll feel it in your bones: you want a convertible. Even if it doesn’t necessarily fit your lifestyle right now, you’ll know that some time down the line, owning a convertible is inevitable for you.

If you don’t feel any of that, then what your having is quite possibly a flight of fancy.

Whether the Saab Convertible is hardy enough for the NJ winter is moot if you’re not really a convertible person. The Saab Convertible is plenty tough for that purpose. It was designed to cope with Swedish winters and I imagine they’re pretty much on par with NJ. The roof is thick, the heating is first class and the driving is excellent.

So, for my 2 cents – I think it comes down to you.

Everyone – comments are open. Jonathon wants to buy a 9-3. Your job is speak from your experience and help him pick the right one.

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