A Saab owner’s moment

I’ve mentioned plenty of times over the years that the Australian motoring experience in the 1980s, when I was a teenager, was a pretty humble one. We had Holdens, Fords and the occasional Toyota. All this Euro stuff was for a different type of driver (i.e. one with money).

Times have changed and whilst Euro cars are still more expensive than the Asian competition that floods the Aussie market, they’re much more affordable than they were back when we were wearing “Choose Life” T-shirts and carrying walkmans that played cassette tapes (youngsters, ask your parents).

Old habits die hard, though, and that includes the mindset of a formerly impressionable teenage kid. I still feel priveleged to be able to drive what I drive every day and my Saabs still engage me like no other car.

When I saw this comment from Greg Abbott about 10 minutes ago, it resonated with me straight away.

Greg was responding to comments about the new winter wheels on his 2010 Saab 9-5. Here’s a photo to remind you, and Greg’s comment is below.

Greg Saab 9-5 Winter Wheels

Every now and then I do a double take looking at the car, thinking “is that really mine?” 🙂

That’s my Saab experience in a nutshell. I feel lucky to have stumbled across these strange little Swedish cars and I absolutely love driving them.

It’s what fueled my work during the Saab sale and it’s what sent many of you out on Saab Support Convoys during the worst of the northern winter.

Saab Up!

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