Behind the scenes – Saab 9-4x photoshoot

Saab have given me some ‘behind the scenes’ type images from the photoshoot held in Malibu a few days ago.

The event was held primarily so that members of the press could see the car in a setting quite different from your usual Auto Show stand. Whilst they were in such a beautiful setting, however, they also made some video and still imagery, which is mostly what this selection of photos covers.

Notes applied where appropriate. Click to enlarge.

Christopher McKinnon and Mikael Jakobsson chat with Valdemar Lönnroth from the local newspaper in Trollhattan, TTELA. Valdemar had been working in Ohio for a few weeks prior to coming down to LA.

Christopher McKinnon does a ‘walkaround’ video of the Saab 9-4x…..

…..pointing out the trademark Saab three-port grille….

That’s Matt and Ben behind the cameras. Matt’s sporting a wonderful demonstration of lip-hair in support of Movember. Saab PR guru Joe Oliver has the microphone.

Matt’s camera seems slightly uninteresting in Chris’ rendition of “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”

Levity aside – these guys did a teriffic job, on both sides of the camera.

Below, Mikael Jokobsson gives Valdemar a run-through of the dashboard display, which is the same as the display in the Saab 9-5.

All of these images were taken by Charlie Magee, Saab’s hired gun of choice. After the press left the building, Charlie and Joe hung around to get some more moody photos after the sun dipped below the surrounding mountains.

Check out the incredible results…..


Many thanks to Saab for the chance to participate in this day and to Charlie for his magnificent work on the camera.

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