Christian von Koenigsegg buys Saab (9-5)

Here’s a feel-good story for you.

Christian von Koenigsegg was one of the first, if not the first person to put an order in for a Saab 9-5. I haven’t gone back through the archives, but I think his order was made public just after the Koenigsegg Group pulled out of the Saab sale back in November 2009.

It’s taken a while, but CvK finally took deliver of his Saab 9-5 yesterday and Magnus Nordberg from TTELA was there to capture the moment.

CvK Saab 9-5

– You were the first in Sweden to order the car, said Ana Trollhättan CEO Joachim Lind, at the premises of Koenigsegg in Angelholm, yesterday morning.

Whereupon a smiling Christian von Koenigsegg countered with lightning speed:

– But I was not the first to have it delivered …

In the absence of a full Saab factory you have to settle with a new Saab 9-5. “I do not see it as plaster on the wound. I bought it because it’s a good car and it feels good to run the Swedish” said Christian von Koenigsegg, while receiving instructions from Ana Trollhättan Peter Utter.

Then he took a closer look at their purchase and it was noticeable immediately that sports car maker has an eye for detail. The comments were many. Sometimes there were questions about why it was not possible to combine with it, but most of all, it was praise for the car.

– Really comfortable chairs. And certainly gives it an extra spice to the wing in the back, said Koenigsegg among other things.

When ANA’s Peter Utter showed him the built-in video-
screens in the back seat he revealed what they would be used for.

– First, get the kids excited, but I also thought of using them to show Koenigsegg movies when we drive our customers.

I visited CvK when I was in Sweden for the Saab festival in July and he was excited back then at the prospect of getting this car. He actually wanted the 2.0T at first because it was a lighter car, but then bought the V6 Aero because he wanted the Hi-PerStrut suspension system.

I know he’s going to have some fun with it and whilst I know he wouldn’t want to ruin his warranty, it might be fun to see what sort of quarter mile time CvK’s 9-5 can pull in a few years from now 🙂

Thanks to “Me” and Tobias A!

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