Dutch Saab sales data – October 2010

Albert V has emailed me with Saab sales numbers for the Dutch market in October.

These are still small numbers, but considering how incredibly small Dutch numbers have been this year, these are actually a genuine move in the right direction. Dutch sales numbers haven’t been this close to three figures in a month for as long as I can remember.

There’s a long way to do, but the only way is up.


Saab delivered 84 cars in the last month. That is a market share of 0,19%

Compared to October 2009 it is an improvement (39 cars 0,11%).

From January till October 2010 Saab delivered 470 cars (0,11%), compared to 483 cars (0,14%) last year. From 483 to 470 is -2,7%. The total market however grew with 23,5%!

Compared to September 2010 Saab grew enormously. In September Saab delivered 35 cars at a market share of 0,08%.


More from Albert, specifically about prices:

The figures seem to give some hope. There is an improvement in market share. However, current sales are only 20% to 25% of their normal status here.

At least Saab is acting on the price front. They lowered prices and made the engines better in fuel economy and that lowers taxes, so there is hope for improvement.

My Saab is a 9-3 Estate with 5-sp auto. i bought it in 2006 for around €41.000. Don’t get scared about that price though, an equivalent Audi A4 or BMW 320 sets you back at least €6.500 more. And you get arrogant dealers with them for free.

The engine is what is called the 1.8t over here. That is the 2-liter with 150 hp. I have given it the Hirsch treatment this summer (at 100.000 km!), should have done that earlier, but we never got around to it. For the MY2011 this engine is only available in the basic equipment level. Standard now is the same engine with 175hp.

I just configured the same car as I own now at the saab website. With the 175 hp engine (the Hirsch still costs 1.300 extra) and with satnav, carbon interior and some other stuff that is not in my current car it now sells for €38.125.

So it is now about € 3.000 cheaper than in 2006! How about that?

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