Eastern CT Fall Saab Cruise – picturesque and DONE

Sorry I didn’t know about this one in advance, but it looks like they had a good turnout regardless.

This is my kind of activity, actually. Good roads, good friends and good cars. It’s what all Saab Club activities should include. I guess this one’s a slight anomaly in that it wasn’t a club event – it was organised by a guy who just loves driving his Saab. But it’s still got the essentials of what all Saab Club events should include. They are car clubs, after all.

Luke Lewis is a young guy in the NEUS who didn’t realise there was a bunch of people just as nuts about driving Saabs as he was until he attended the Saab Support Convoy earlier this year. Since then, he’s been hosting various driving events, getting people together just for the love of the brand.

He organised the Mt Washington drive held last month, and last weekend, he got another group of cars and people together for a drive through Eastern Connecticut.

There were 16 Saabs and even 3 Volvos in attendance, which is a pretty decent group. Apparently the day’s driving was just as impressive, too, covering 130 miles with various stops along the way and finishing for some refreshments at one of the driver’s homes.

This Saab thing ain’t about statistics and comparisons. It’s about driving and people. You gotta love it.

If you’re in the New England area, you might want to hit Luke up on Facebook so you can keep track of when the next drive is.

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