Ever had to do emergency Saab repairs?

Matthew A almost had to channel MacGyver in a recent breakdown.

He was driving his Saab 900 4-door in the middle of a desert in Oregon (there’s a desert in Oregon?) when his fuel pump gave way.

Saab 900 breakdown

Matt was all enthused about the prospect of having to weave some MacGyver magic because his car is a doppelganger for a Saab 900 that actually appeared in an episode of Macgyver.

Unfortunately, his chance at improvisational greatness was quashed by the fact that he was carrying a spare fuel pump in the car (who carries a spare fuel pump?) and managed to do the repair and get going again.


My mate at Charles River Saab – PIerre Belperron – has a son named Pascal who indulges in a little rally driving every now and then.

Back in September, I told you about one of his emergency repairs:

Unfortunately, on his second run, his header pipe broke off at the turbo, and in the time it took him to get the car off the circuit and stopped, the blow-torch effect coming out of the turbo melted everything in the right front of the engine bay, including the main wiring harness.

Pascal employed a little ingenuity and rigged up a temporary harness with the hope of getting the car back home to New Hampshire. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the full 100 mile journey home, falling short of the garage by 100 feet!


I am always amazed by stories like these. I have the ingenuity of a beanbag. If I was in either of these situations I’d just sit on a rock and cry like the big baby I am.

All of this, however, leads me to ask the question – what’s been your most unusual urgent repair situation and did you get out of it successfully?

If so, how?

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